What is Pasqual Maragall Legacy Project?

The Pasqual Maragall legacy project is a research and reflection program on the action and political thoughts of Pasqual Maragall, started in December 2013. The purpose of the program is to analyze and interpret the thought of Pasqual Maragall understood in a broad sense , understanding the word and its political action. From the legacy Pasqual Maragall program and from the principles and ideological foundations and the human and political attitude that characterized Maragall, his gaze is updated and the reflection and the proposal are promoted regarding the current challenges related to the great issues that they defined it.

Among these great themes are the area of ??the city and the metropolis, with special attention to Barcelona, ??the field of Democracy and Federalism, the international arena and, in particular, Europe and the Mediterranean; and the scope of political action.

Activities carried out under the legacy Pasqual Maragall Project:

  • Studies, research and publications: From the Foundation team, through fellowships or in collaboration with other institutions and experts, research and analysis projects will be carried out on the defined work areas that characterize the Maragall legacy.
  • Conferences, Debates and Seminars: periodically organize conferences and round table discussions that feature prominent speakers from the political, cultural and intellectual worlds, both at the Catalan and European levels, in order to debate different issues of Catalan and European reality while sensitizing the citizenship based on Pasqual Maragall thought.
  • Meetings and Announcements: the Foundation organizes informal spaces for the exchange of current ideas with the aim of networking and articulating different sectors of society around the different areas in which the Foundation works and in the issues defined by Legacy, within the framework of the "Club Europa".
  • Prizes, Scholarships and Research Aids: through the legacy Pasqual Maragall program, research is being promoted on key issues for Catalonia and Europe, through an annual scholarship awarded to a researcher, research Likewise, the Foundation collaborates with academic institutions to facilitate the bridges between the educational world and the professional.
  • Audiovisual projects: collection of testimonies and promotion of documentaries on the priority subjects of the legacy.
  • Communication and archiving: At the moment the FCE, within the framework of the program "Legacy Pasqual Maragall", works in the creation of a file Legacy Pasqual Maragall and performs a task of classification and interpretation of the existing archive. In addition, he also collaborates with the Barcelona Contemporary Archive, the PSC Fundació Campalans Foundation, the Olympic Foundation and the Metropolitan Corporation Archive.

The Llegat Pasqual Maragall program is supported by the Barcelona City Council and the Department of the Presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya.